The Pipeline Connection

If you are looking for a job or looking for a crew to finish the job, this is the place for everyone to gather information exclusively about employment in the burgeoning oil and gas pipeline industry in America.

Where pipeline jobs can be found:

  • Mainline pipeline
  • Distribution stations
  • Terminals
  • Meter Stations
  • Pump Stations
  • Reserve tanks
  • Power plants


What’s Your Part in the Pipeline?

Whether you’re a direct-hire or pipeline contractor, both offer unbeatable benefits and, quite often, generous relocation packages.

Want to learn more about job opportunities? Here’s a partial list of pipeline positions:

Pipeline Design Engineers draft project models and determine construction specs for oil pipeline infrastructure.

Oil Pipeline Walkers patrol lines and systems for leaks, washouts, breaks in joints and downed infrastructure like wires and poles.

Pipe Inspectors use magnetic and optical scanners to examine sections, steel tubing, drill pipe and other materials for defects.

Pipeline Superintendents

Pipeline Safety Coordinator

Pipeline Equipment Operator

Pipeline Painters

Pipe Inspectors 

SCADA Engineers

Pipeline Rig Welders 


Skilled Laborers 

Pipeline Engineers

Pipeline Project Managers

These are just some of the positions detailed in the oil pipeline jobs section.

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