Pipeline Talent and What the Future Holds

The oil and gas industry is in dire need of sustainable growth, which is difficult to obtain with an oil and gas talent pool that is rapidly diminishing. Young potential employees are looking for more than what the industry has to offer, which includes continued development and advancement. Uncertainty in long-term oil and gas employment is also a deterrent and has prompted new college graduates to look at other industries to work in.

To build up the oil and gas talent pool again, companies have to evaluate their present recruiting strategies and alter them to be viewed as more attractive. These companies have to set themselves apart from the rest by offering unique incentives and deliver on promises in order to keep their talent pool stocked.

Evaluating The Shortage Of Oil And Gas Talent

The shortage of oil and gas talent has become more evident in recent years. The majority of the industry workforce includes people over the age of 50. As those people are slowly retiring, there are fewer people in the age range of 30-50 to fill those roles and even fewer people younger than 30 to step in and take over. Organizational alignment is a significant challenge for oil and gas companies since there are not enough talented employees coming in to fill the roles of the people advancing. One of the most effective ways companies can boost their pipeline recruiting efforts is to create a system for acquiring talent and moving them up the hierarchy quickly.

Talent Development Can Boost Future Pipeline Recruiting

Since the number of people interested in oil and gas employment has decreased, the industry has to focus on developing the talent pool they have. This includes involving employees with business strategies so goals are more aligned and they feel more invested in their career. People with clearly defined skills want a clearly defined path to success, which could include a plan to work their way up the ladder and train others to do so as well. Sourcing and developing organic talent has to start immediately since new graduates interested in the industry are harder to come across.

Technology Is The Future Of Recruiting In The Industry

The younger workforce embraces technology more than the older workforce, in most cases. And since the shortage of talent lies within the younger workforce, it makes sense to utilize technology more effectively to attract this age group. From pipeline recruiting to career planning, and developing talent to making operations more efficient, technology can be a major attractor for young and talented individuals. The future of the industry will involve technology, so the earlier companies embrace it and implement it, the better off they will be.

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