2020 Top Challenges in Oil and Gas Recruitment

The oil and gas industry has had plenty of ups-and-downs over the past decade in various aspects. As we begin a new decade, company executives are scrambling to find ways to not only attract top talent, but also retain it. People don’t view pipeline employment in the same way they did several years ago. Advanced technology appears to be primed to take over jobs and skilled laborers have to be savvy enough to work effectively with new processes. There is still pipeline talent available, but here are some of the challenges companies are facing with recruitment.

Technology May Eliminate Some Jobs

It’s no secret technology is taking over certain industries. Artificial intelligence has transformed the way oil wells get inspected, how geologic assessments are performed and much more. As different aspects of pipeline jobs become digitized, many jobs in field operations could be vastly reduced or eliminated in the next several years. While technology is beneficial for the oil and gas industry, talent is also needed to work with the technology and make operations remain efficient. The problem is with how quickly technology is advancing, employees are fearful that even being technologically-savvy won’t be enough to keep their job for the long-term.

Concerns Regarding The Reduction Of Talent Pools

The pipeline talent pool has been slowly diminishing over the past few years. It has gotten to the point now where many oil and gas companies are having difficulties filling their openings due to unqualified candidates and other factors. This has led companies to alter their job offerings to allow for more flexibility and make their positions more attractive. The oil and gas recruitment strategies go beyond simply offering a higher salary today, as workers understand they have some leverage when it comes to supply and demand in the industry.

Attracting And Retaining Top Industry Talent

Attracting new pipeline talent is particularly challenging in the oil and gas industry today because of how environmentally-conscious people are compared to in the past. Offering a high salary isn’t enough to attract top talent, and even if it does, those employees will always be a risk to leave for another company offering a higher salary and better benefits. Flexibility, minimal travel and a positive work environment are factors candidates demand today. In order to stay ahead of the curve, oil and gas companies are constantly altering their recruiting, training and retention strategies to attract top pipeline talent and keep them engaged.

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